‘The hair accessories complimented the chosen styles' : The Wedding of Claire and Gordon

Photographs kindly shared by Top Table Photography

The wedding of Claire and Gordon on a beautiful November morning presented me with my first experience of the lovely Torrance Hotel. The spacious and comfortable rooms were an ideal location to get the proceedings underway and the Prosecco wasn’t too long in making an appearance. Needless to say, I was met warmly and a relaxed, fun filled morning was shared by all. I genuinely feel privileged to be such an important part of the Bride and Bridal Parties preparations. This is why I am so keen for every Bridal Party to receive an authentic experience unique to their needs. Claire’s wedding was no different.

The make-up was already underway when I arrived and my work began with the Bridesmaids. Both bridesmaids opted for very simple yet chic up-do’s. Our first bridesmaid was keen on a side do which was ideal for her as her hair was quite short. The end result was a very stylish finish which looked neat and tidy. Our second Bridesmaid opted for an upturned roll up which worked well with her longer hair but still complimented the other bridesmaids choice.

“Something natural and wavy” was the request from the Bride Claire. While I can work any styles the Bridal Party look for my real strength and passion is in more natural etherial wedding styles. I was happy to oblige and between us we created a wavy half-up. Extra thickness and volume was achieved through the careful use of extensions, which looked amazing - Claire’s colour match was perfect!

The hair accessories really complimented the girls chosen styles and were a nice touch to bring an element of consistency across the 3 distinct styles. I take great pleasure in bringing you this blog and give a big thanks to Claire and Gordon for sharing their stunning images with you.

With love,

Emma x

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