To accessorize or not, that is the question

One very common question I get asked from brides to be is whether to add a hair accessory or not, i.e hair comb, flowers or tiara. So I have some advice on this today. There are a few things you must consider when deciding whether to accessorize your hair for the big day.

First of all YOU DO NOT HAVE TO! Honestly I’ve worked with some stunning brides who have left their long tresses down and wavy (for eg) with nothing in their hair, and if you have good lush long hair why tie it all up? Other options are perhaps just a veil, or a simple diamond Kirby grip and it really works, especially if your dress has plenty detail or “a lot going on”.

Secondly, it comes down to a matter of taste, please don’t feel you must wear a diamond tiara because you have to be a princess for the day! This might not be your cup of tea.

Another major factor to consider is the style of your dress, very simple dresses sometimes require a detailed hair up with pleats and curls and a veil, other dresses really don’t! If there is a lot of lace or diamanté detail then a chic hair up often works best. If your going for a more relaxed boho look or summer wedding then i generally recommend flowers or a vine.

I hope this helps you whittle down your ideal accessory for your big day!

Enjoy 😘

Emma ScottComment