Weddings that sparkle - Emma & Yakub


Emma is one of my regular clients so we had plenty of time to chat about her wedding, even before she had her trial. She was very relaxed with her wedding planning in general and was open to suggestions for her hairstyle. As you can see from the photo above, Emma’s wedding gown was fit for a princess. With the dress being so striking and full we felt a simple up do would be most appropriate. 

At the trial, we tried a low bun first and she quickly realised she wanted something off of her neck and a little higher. This is why trials are important, sometimes we see images when researching and love them but realise they are not quite right for us. With Emma we adapted the original style lifting it a little higher and swept her fringe over to the side, like she generally tends to wear it and undoubtedly, it looked great.

Emma had 7 bridesmaids! Yeah, you read that right - 7 bridesmaids. I’ve got to say what a lovely group of girls they were. Despite none of them having trials we made it through the styles with relative ease. It was important they were aware that we were working against the clock. Five of the bridesmaids decided on hair ups which were straight and chic, similar to Emma’s. The party were keen to have some symmetry in the styles between them all but ultimately there was a degree of variety purely because they all had different hair types. The sixth bridesmaid preferred her hair down so we decided on a half up do and the last bridesmaid chose a pony tail with volume.

Emma had chosen a beautiful accessory which we used on the side of her up do to really set it off. The bridesmaids also had pretty hair combs. Emma’s veil looked great with her hair up and I think she chose the perfect style for her big day. 

As with all of my weddings, I really enjoyed being a part of this morning, I’d like to thanks all the girls for being so trusting in me and also a special mention to the lovely Erin for her 6am rise to assist me with this large wedding, it really helped me work more efficiently.

I’d like to wish Emma and Jakub all the very best for the coming years together. Thank you for having me as part of your special day.

With much love,

Emma x

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